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About Us

It all started 13 years ago with a dream and a vision. But what is DeemDead? The simple answer is, DeemDead is a clothing line and accessories for everyone.

But we beleive it's much more than that. The meaning behind the name hides a strong message that we all can relate to. In the words of the owner and creator of DeemDead,


"it's the everlasting struggle that each of us carry to bury our demons and leave the past behind; to be born again."



In those 13 years DeemDead has grown and now includes a wide variety of clothing and accessories. You can find us in two locations: Blue Springs, Missouri and Warrensburg, Missouri. Future goals include expanding the line with new items and opening a third location.

We strive to provide excellent service and only the highest quality items in our stores. We offer long sleeve shirts, t-shirts, jackets, bandanas, gloves, wallets, guardian bells and more...


DeemDead is not just a clothing line!

Being involved in the community, helping organize charity events and festivals is only a small part of what the true spirit of our business is.

We help promote upcoming and aspiring musicians and artists. Just like our name, we believe that everyone deserves a chance to realize their dreams and full potential.


So next time you are in Blue Springs or Warrensburg stop by and check out our stores! For more information call us at:


Blue Springs - 816 295-1232

Warrensburg - 660 747-2417









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