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Deem Dead was born on March 8, 1978 in a small town in Missouri, raised by his mother, Sister Maria.

In 1972, Maria became a nun at the age of 21. Five years later, she was asked to leave the Catholic Church when the high priest found her to be pregnant. Little did he know, Maria was sexually assaulted and left for dead by her assailant on the steps of the church. Although the Priest was unaware of the truth, Maria didn’t protest his decision because she believed her assailant was a demon. She moved back to her hometown to live with her parents while she raised her son, Deem Dead. Maria died while her son was a young boy.


After her death, Deem Dead was taken in and raised by the same Catholic Church that excommunicated his mother. While he struggled with his destined dark soul, he truly believed he was a Godly person. As he grew, he hid his abilities to fly and lift many times his weight. He would sneak out at night to save the cities and streets of the world.





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